Billy G Dewbre

SONY DSCWild Bill Dewbre is the owner and proprietor of Wild Bill’s Western Store and has become known as the Official Ambassador for the City of Dallas.

Bill has been a part of city culture and the western industry in downtown Dallas since he was a 12-year-old kid. Bill learned the business from the ground up from his father, and after returning from the Vietnam War, he started his first business with only $10.00 in his pocket and a prayer. Since then Bill has never looked back and has been in the Western and Cowboy Business for over 40 years.

His world famous store resides in the Historic West End district in downtown Dallas. Bill has become the go to person for western wear, and knows what his customers are looking to find when they are attending an event or when folks visit Dallas. Bill is a firm believer in “don’t let the monetization and the sophistication of the metropolitan city keep you from your rich Texas history”.

Wild Bill is also well known in the Film and Television industry. He has supplied western wardrobes, design and other elements for many for series including both the original Dallas TV series, and the new TNT Dallas series, numerous worldwide television and film interviews as well as many segments for National Geographic, Google, Twitter, Disney, X-Factor, Food Television Network just to name a few.

Bill has received many accolades from organizations such as: ATF, CMA, DC&VB,MPI and the GOP, and is a Recipient of the Lavone Ray award, for exceptional customer service. Wild Bill’s Western Store also continues to collect accolades as well, by annually being mentioned in top magazines one of the top 12 Western stores in the United States.

As the Official ambassador for City of Dallas and a constant representative for the State of Texas, Bill has worked with and officially deputized many prestigious corporations, celebrities and VIP’s from around the globe. He has a huge resume to long to list, and continues to join forces with the city & state to help bring groups back to the DFW area such as POW-WOW, Fire Chiefs, AME, multiple Super Bowl committees (including Super Bowl XLV in Dallas) and many others.

His Passion is evident through the enthusiasm of sharing that Texas friendly spirit for which Cowboys and Western heroes are known.

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