The Last Rodeo

PROJECT:  Feature Motion Picture

STATUS:  In Development

GENRE:  Rodeo Drama (Family Friendly)

LOG LINE:  When Ty Cooper’s daughter is diagnosed with Leukemia, he must decide whether to get out on the road and fulfill her dying wish to win the National Finals Rodeo; or stay by her side while she fights her battle with cancer.

SYNOPSIS:  TY COOPER and his younger brother LEVI are at the top of their form as team ropers, unfortunately, life takes them in another direction. Levi is injured during an event and is out, in more ways than one—he walks away from his brother and the event that has defined them for most of their lives.

Despite the set back, Ty decides to continue, partnering with a “past-his-prime” cowboy. Meanwhile Ty’s young daughter MELISSA learns she has a battle of her own to deal with, Leukemia. Ty, SARA his wife, and Melissa have the fight of their young lives ahead. Ty decides he must go back to roping to earn money for the family.  Before he leaves, Ty and Melissa make a pact—Ty is to win the NFR, Melissa and Sara are to be rodeo queens at the event. However, Ty and his new partner fail to gel as a team while the family, including JOE, Ty and Levi’s father, watch Melissa’s health decline..

Levi takes action to bring their team back together after a visit with Melissa in the hospital, but is it too late? Can Ty and Levi rekindle their bond and win the championship? Will Melissa survive her battle and achieve her goal?

BUDGET:  $4.493 Million (Estimated)


PRODUCERS: UnBranded Productions

CAST: TARGETED Viggo Mortensen, Sienna Miller, T. C, Stallings, Brooklyn Rae Silzer, Brett Edwards (Attached), Cash Black (Attached)