Feature: Rust Abatement; Documentary: The Don Reed Story, A Life on The Edge of Eternity

GENRE:  Bio-Pic Drama yanked from the pages of a true story and Documentary

LOG LINE:  An unlikely addict rises from the ashes of hell to the freedom of heaven.

SYNOPSIS:  How does a normal boy of ten set out on a course of addiction? Unlikely as it may sound, it is easy.  Gently place a frog in a pot of cool, comfortable water over a fire or set a snow ball rolling downhill. All too soon, what seems improbable becomes reality and a path to destruction, degree-by-degree day-by-day, way too quickly.

Don Reed Senior grew up in what he thought was a typical child hood-family, unfortunately, he like so many others found himself on a path to future destruction unknowingly.  Seeking purpose, sports seemed to be the likely path toward fame and eventually fortune. Natural talents, especially in basket ball evolved into opportunity that lead to open doors, bringing time in the craved lime-light. Unknown to family and friends, eventually his young wife, he became involved in multiple addictions that developed into a disastrous shadow existence, hidden from those he chose to keep it from. Years later, thousands in debt, addicted to multiple sins, he realizes his lifestyle choices and endless lies have delivered him decision by decision to the front door of Hell.

Now what?

His pathway back is nothing short of miraculous.

BUDGET:  $1.5M Estimated for Feature and $30K for Documentary

CAST (Feature):  Targeted Kevin Sorbo, Nancy Stafford, Beverley Mitchell, and Rick Malambri

DIRECTOR:  TBD (Feature); Wayne N. Bateman (Documentary)

PRODUCERS:  Western Harvest Media in conjunction with Crossing Paths Ministries

Link to Documentary Trailer:  https://youtu.be/QEeowO-M2uk