Breaking Tommie Scott

GENRE:  True Life Story (Faith and Family Friendly)
LOG LINE:  Tommie Scott’s life from gangster on the streets of L.A. to reformed father.
SYNOPSIS:  Tommie Scott Jr. grew up in a dysfunctional, broken family not unlike many others.  From a young age, he saw too much of the darkness offered him over the love and responded the only way he felt he could.  With years came the opening into his father’s business–crime, followed by prison after prison. At one point Tommie Jr. and Tommie Sr. severed concurrent sentences at the same facility.
All was not negative, he met Rache’T, the woman who would bear his children and be  his eventual wife.  During his latter years in prison, he was befriended by a loving, kind man who pointed him in the right direction after several misfires earlier in his life.
Tommie finally made an important decision which directed his life away from gangs, crime, drugs and, alcohol.  This is his amazing story from darkness to light.

BUDGET:  $1.52 Million (Estimated)
PRODUCERS: UnBranded Productions with Survival Productions and Western Harvest Media
CAST: Targeted T.C., Stallings, Octavia Spencer