Imperfect Minds

PROJECT: Feature Motion Picture

STATUS:  In Development

GENRE:  Modern Western (Family Friendly)

LOG LINE:   Troubled lives of a teen and aging rodeo cowboy collide, then transform miraculously.

PILOT SYNOPSIS:   When an aging Texas bull rider’s life hits rock bottom, he is offered a second chance by a considerate judge. Meanwhile, in Miami, a precocious teen gangster faces down a judge and a difficult decision as well–choose likely death on the streets, a life of prison, or a radical program promoting a hopeful solution. Each must come to grips with their new reality. Each decides, hoping the best is to come.

The bull rider reluctantly walks away from his dreams of ever winning a champion belt buckle and hopeful respect, teen choosing an opportunity at earning future respect at a special facility, both landing in Florida.

Traveling to his aunt’s ranch outside Ocala, our ex-rodeo cowboy is offered work at the facility for troubled youth where he befriends our wayward teen. Through the love and direction of the facility’s female psychologist, and discovering who God is; both turn their lives around for the better.

BUDGET:  $1.5 Million (Estimated)


PRODUCERS: UnBranded Productions with Western Harvest Media