Welcome to Western Harvest Media

Today’s media has modified our culture and stolen the American dream.

Hollywood once touched our lives and lived our dreams with cowboy stories of “good triumphs over evil”. However the hero’s on the silver screen that inspired generations are becoming fading memories.

It is time for us to learn from history and re-instill character, family values, respect for our Country, and above all, faith in God. And who’s better the lead the charge today than real American cowboys and their families?

To that end, we have built a team of like-minded professionals from film, TV, music and the western lifestyle to spur our views into action. It is Western Harvest Media’s highest priority to use today’s media to passionately proclaim “United We Stand” and restore the American dream. We are motivated to see strong families and a Country that is healthy and prosperous for generations to come.

Working together, we WILL have a lasting impact!

Scott Mendes

1997 World Champion Bull Rider

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