Riding Destiny

GENRE:  Rodeo/Extreme Sports Drama plus Faith-Friendly Elements

TAGLINE:  Running from your destiny may be more dangerous than riding it out.

SYNOPSIS:  At the young age of ten, Boon hoped to experience one of the greatest thrills of his life when his dad was to complete for bull riding World Champion title. But his life would change forever when his dad was thrown from the bull and severely injured.

Now at 26, running from ranch life, Boon has grown into an athletic, handsome man living in Northern California and participating in some of the most dangerous activities he possibly could ever do – anything but bull riding. He surfs the deadliest waves; he races down steep streets in San Francisco on a long-board; he lives for skydiving and skimming the earth in a squirrel suit. No guts, no glory no fear.  As a stunt man, he and his team face down all offers.

When his mother dies he is confronted with the thing he’s avoided for sixteen years, returning home to face his father, brother and town legacy.

While at home he establishes a friendship with a girl from his past.  Mentored by a family friend and wise cowboy, he faces up to his fears and embraces the thing he’s been running from all these years, his destiny.

BUDGET:  $4 Million (Estimated)

DIRECTOR:  Stephen Baldwin

CAST:  Scott Eastwood (targeted), Dennis Quaid (targeted), Stephen Baldwin (LOI), Kevin Sorbo (LOI), Chace Crawford (targeted), Natalie Dormer (targeted), Christian Keiber (interested), Andre Holland (targeted), Nancy Stafford (LOI)

PRODUCERS: UnBranded Productions  (UnBrandedProductions.com)