Silver Dollar Trade

PROJECT:  Feature Motion Picture

STATUS:  In Development

GENRE:  Period Western (Faith and Family Friendly)

LOG LINE:   Troubled New Yorker heads west searching for purpose. truth and his future

SYNOPSIS:   When a twenty year old tires of his mother’s heavy hand and step father’s twisted intent, he sets out west initially in search of a stolen silver dollar, perceived to be more than just a valued heirloom.  After arriving in Pecos, Texas, he quickly finds himself facing down the barrel of a gambler’s six shooter.  Thanks to the intervention of a “friendly” gun slinger, he lives to face down his devious step father who has, along with his overbearing mother, tracked him down.  Unfortunately, under the gun slinger’s guidance, he falls into a bank heist, spiraling his values downward along with the help of a pretty saloon girl. Despite the efforts of a well meaning new friend to redirect his wayward path, he runs from the law, deepening his shift to the dark side of life.

Alternatives limited, once favored life on the verge of disaster, he begins to consider his future. However, will he live to redirect, or will be wake up dead, facing down his maker, options and time depleted?

BUDGET:  $1.8M (Estimated)

TARGETED/ATTACHED CAST:   LOI: Kevin Sorbo, Beverley Mitchell, Nancy Stafford; Targeted: Jesse Ruda, Luke Benward, Jay Picket, Isaac C. Singleton Jr., Isabella Jantz


PRODUCERS: UnBranded Productions with Western Harvest Media