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I thought I would share an email that I received today.


In September 2012, our company, Kingdomworks Studios filmed several interviews in Texas for a new DVD teaching series for men on sexual purity,
entitled the Conquer Series. We highly commend Scott Mendes and his organizations, Western Harvest Ministries and Western Harvest Media, for
going above and beyond to ensure the success of our Texas production. Scott’s generosity, commitment and unfailing support made all the difference
to our team.

We interviewed Scott at his ranch where he shared his powerful testimony, which is guaranteed to inspire and move our viewers. For this interview he arranged for several of the young bullriders, he ministers to, to participate in our production, as well as gathering several bulls for filming. Scott also arranged our interview with Rob Smets at Will Rogers Coliseum. He also arranged for two other interviews with Christian celebrities, which was cancelled the last minute, and when it did, he tried finding replacements.

Rarely do we meet such genuine and altruistic people like Scott. We are honored to have worked with Scott and to be given the opportunity to see what his ministry does and his vision for the future. Scott is a man who sets things in motion that have eternal value, such as helping the hurting young men whom he trains at his ranch. His vision for Christian films shows that he understands our times and knows that one of the greatest ways to reach the masses is through film.

Thank you Scott for your contagious passion for Christ and the lost. We hope to work with you and your ministry again soon.

God bless,

Jeremy, Josh and Tiana

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