Press Release – The Conqueror Series

August 28, 2012

Creative Lab is filming a 5-part DVD teaching series for men, entitled the Conquer Series.

They are interviewing famous Christian athletes, artists, actors, speakers and leaders. They are filming in Texas from September 15-30 and are looking for Texas-based famous Christian role models to boldly share their testimony and encourage men around the world how to become ore than a Conqueror through Christ.

Here is some information on the project:

Conquerors aren’t born – they are made.

More and more men are fighting for their spiritual lives, but do not know how to prevail against the enemy’s assault.

The Conquer Series is a new documentary series for men that lays out a battle plan for attaining real manhood in a Godless world. Its aim is to equip men with the necessary tools to become conquerors in their Church, home and community.

The production quality of this film is unmatched any other content-based series. The Conquer Series is packed with explosive battle reenactments, including jet-fighter dogfight scenes and other dramatic reenactments based on real life battles.

The Series is being shot with the Epic X camera, which is one of the most advanced cameras in the industry and has been used in filming The Hobbit and Pirates of the Caribbean.

The crew will be filming around Texas between September 15-30. You can learn more about Creative Lab from their website:

If you would like to participate or learn more about this production, please contact Josh Melin at:


Cell: 360.553.8339

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